The 4th Industrial Revolution – Simple steps to prepare your business?

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is happening; can you stop it? No, but what you can do is adapt and prepare your business in advance for it.

South Africa’s education system will soon introduce “Programming” & “Robotics” as subjects.

A few tips for your website & business content:

  • Have content that is relevant
  • Have content that is useful
  • Give your prospect clients a great user experience
  • Give your prospect clients what they need the soonest

Google Ad’s, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Instagram Stories, Insights, Facebook Promotions…What’s next ?

If your business is not yet on the internet – You might face some struggles in the future.

Millennials now pick up their phones at the first thought of something! If you do not have an online presence your business will miss out on most of the population.

What do people do if they want food, but don’t feel like driving around the block looking for the best pizza joint? They google their favourite restaurant, hit the call button, order and delivery is arranged.

Simple steps like the above may move your business forward.

The same should apply to all kinds of SME’s in the service and product industry.

Do you want your business to have a search and call presence like above?

Consult with World Link Consulting and we will assist to get your business on the map.

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